• 31 Days of SMA Recap

    Posted by deann-r on September 2, 2020 at 10:10 am

    As August came quickly to a close we saved some of our best 31 Days of SMA features for last. Actually, not one outshines another, they were all pretty great. I see what you did Kevin Schafer. You made sure your brother’s feature was on a weekend, but I’m not letting it sneak by. Truthfully I was hoping Brian would give us the scoop on you, but really what he focused on was the brotherly connection he and Kevin share. He points out that they’ve got each other’s backs. Each have their own interests, but it’s the bond of being brothers that’s allowed them to become close throughout the years.

    Our final two features focused on individuals following their passions. James Ian is an actor. One of his goals is to increase disability visibility and racial equality with the work he does. Laura has a passion for fashion and living with SMA gives her a unique perspective on how to fit all body types so individuals can look and feel their best. Alyssa had a topic on this earlier in the week that featured Laura’s story.

    If you missed any of the articles last month you can find them all here. I encourage you to go take a look. Thank you to everyone who contributed. I look forward to seeing how your stories evolve. Just because August is behind us doesn’t mean our stories end. As I’ve said before one of the best ways to raise awareness for SMA is to live our lives, so let’s continue to do just that.

    Are there any articles that stood out to you? Any dish on Kevin since Brian didn’t give us any? Just kidding, Kevin did a great job organizing this project.

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