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  • sasha

    March 10, 2022 at 1:45 pm

    The game does not seem fun, maybe only for very young kids. You just crawl slowly through a big map, did not see much gameplay.

    After 10 minutes I found an area where you are supposed to put a ball into a hole by shooting into it (no reward after that). Did not figure out how to leave this area after that, clicked everywhere but was only moving in circle.

    The controls are quite confusing, often it is unclear where the character will go after clicking, and where it can go.

    In general for type 2-3 SMA I think the main thing to implement in PC games is customizable keybindings, maybe some accessibility settings like simpler QTE etc.

    I can play most of the normal games. Usually just need to rebinding some controls to more convenient keys, maybe enabling things like toggle crouch/sprint/aim. Sometimes (if the game settings are not flexible enough) I use tools like AutoHotkey (e.g. I used it several times to bind some keys that were not rebindable in game to caps lock, `, etc., and to help with some weird QTE). Sometimes in games where you have to drive a car by holding W and using A+D for turns (instead of controlling the direction by mouse like in GTA) I rebind W to Space or ALT that I can press with my thumb, or to an additional mouse button, also sometimes I rebind turns to S+D for easy control with a single finger. For aiming I sometimes use X instead of or as an alternative to RMB (some games allow to bind two keys/buttons to one action and use whatever of them you prefer).
    <p class=”_1qeIAgB0cPwnLhDF9XSiJM”>Some games are also starting to add interesting accessibility options like simpler QTE (hold instead of tap, or how much “power” a single tap has), double/triple W press for sprint in RDR2.</p>

    btw this game worked on Linux for me 🙂 (via Lutris + Wine)

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