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  • Columnist Writes About Teaching Children About Disability

    Posted by alyssa-silva on July 13, 2020 at 11:38 am

    I may not know who you are or what you’re all about, but if I were to guess I’d say you’ve had some awkward encounter with a child out in public.

    Whether it was incessant staring, a comment made, or pointed fingers in your direction, children have an interesting way of expressing themselves when it comes to a person with a disability.

    In my latest column, I tackle this subject and how I have learned to properly, and positively, respond to a child’s curiosity. It took some trial and error before I figured out an adequate response that would satisfy a child’s logic. Because I think “I have a degenerative neuromuscular disease that is progressively weakening my muscles,” would fly right over their heads. 🙂

    In all seriousness, though, it wasn’t until a little girl called me ugly and her parents didn’t correct her behavior (you can read about it in my column) that I realized how important it was to communicate with children about disability and acceptance. I’m not sure why parents are so quick to protect a child from asking questions about disabilities.

    Can you relate? How do you tell a child about your disability?

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