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  • Do you have consistent providers?

    Posted by deann-r on January 5, 2024 at 9:34 am

    Do you like consistency when it comes to your providers?

    I’ve talked about how frustrating what I call revolving nurses are. Finally, I have one that’s been here a while, but she’s made my toes bleed twice by trimming my nails. I’ve longed for consistency. Now that I have it, I’m reconsidering.

    Revolving nurses are shifting to revolving doctors. My PCP retired a few years back. Since I’ve only had the new guy for a couple of years, I can’t say I’m attached. Still, learning he’s moving to North Carolina has me a little irritated. Not at him per se, I’d take the opportunity to go to a milder climate as well. It’s more at the daunting task of establishing care with someone else. My GI nurse practitioner left last year as well. I haven’t bothered finding someone to replace her yet.

    Since I have one final appointment with my doctor, I’ll see what he suggests. I was thinking about trying to follow his nurse. I’m sure she’ll have to be reassigned, right?

    How do you establish care? Is there anything in particular you look for, or do you just take what you get and hope for the best?

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