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      Kevin Schaefer

      With how much our parents and caregivers do for us, it can often feel like we don’t have anything we can give to thank them. It’s not like we can do something like help out around the house or do any kind of manual labor. Plus, it’s easy to take the things they do for us for granted.

      I’ve become more conscious about this as I’ve gotten older, and I do try to do things for my parents and caregivers on a pretty regular basis. With my parents, I buy them lunch often now that I have a full-time job. This is in addition to paying rent and part of my caregiving expenses. My parents appreciate this, and it lets me feel somewhat like an adult lol. I also only have my parents drive me as a last resort. If I’m going out, I always ask friends first to drive me so my parents don’t have to worry about it. It’s rare that I have my parents drive me on a Friday or Saturday night when I’m out with friends.

      With my caregiver, I also pay for his food if we’re out, cover his expenses if he’s on a trip with me and I work around his schedule if he needs a day off or something. It’s important to remember their needs as well, and to help them out whenever we can.

      Even if you don’t have a ton of money, just thanking your parents and caregivers can go a long way. I thought this might be a relevant topic with Father’s Day coming up.

      What about you all? What kind of things do you do to show your parents and caregivers appreciation? What tips do you have for helping your caregivers balance their respective workloads? Share your experiences and feel free to ask questions about this subject.

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      Adnan Hafizovic

      Its nice to do all that for your parents and caregiver.At least we can respect our parents and all people who helps us.

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      DeAnn R

      It’s tough because I certainly still depend on my mom a lot.  I think she knows how much I appreciate her, but it never hurts to say thank you.  If I come across something I know she’ll like I try to pick it up if it’s in my budget.

      Although it’s rare, I do have the occasional pca who will go above and beyond to help me out.  For example I have one who will randomly bring me a hot chocolate on a cold day, or text me if she’s at the store and sees something on sale I’ve been talking about asking if I want her to grab it.  Not to mention she fills in a lot.  I always thank her so she knows I appreciate it, but I’ve also on occasion gotten her gift cards to her favorite store or restaurant.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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