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      Alyssa Silva

      As a continuation of sorts from my last post, I’m thinking I MAY have to see a dentist and get checked out. I’ve also added possible cavities to my ailments. Love that for me. (Sarcasm)

      However, if I’m being honest, I’m really worried about seeing a dentist with all that’s going on these days. The thought of having my mask off to have someone in my face working on my mouth does not sound ideal right now.

      My only hope is that my dentist is a friend of mine whose son has SMA. Perhaps she’s being extra careful like me and could even bring me into the office during off-hours.

      Have you gone to the dentist this year? Were you worried?

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      Kip Troendle

      Yup, I had dental work done this past Monday.  I also had my regular cleaning done in July.  I had heard how careful my local dentist was since reopening, so I felt less worrisome.  There was nobody in the waiting room either time (perfect)!  Only the dentist and her assistant were in proximity to me (good)!  I witnessed every worker changing their PPE after coming out from patient’s room (kudos)!  Be smart, stay safe as possible, but keep “living”; that has been my motto.

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      I was at dentist yesterday. 15 min in and then out, she did ware tree layers of protection lol. Felt like was in a movie :p

      Was guided out the back door so i did not need to meet others. Felt it was nothing to worry 🙂

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      DeAnn R

      My checkup was cancelled back in April.  When they called to reschedule for October I just said I’d prefer to wait till spring, so I’m waiting.  If you’re in need though I wouldn’t put it off.

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      Alyssa Silva

      Thanks for your input. I am also a little worried because my dentist is located in a medical building and I’d have to use the elevator. So the situation isn’t ideal, but reading your experiences has made me feel a little better. I’m still thinking it’s TMJ in which case I’ll probably go to the dentist clinic at the hospital because my dentist isn’t too familiar with TMJ. If I’m going to get exposed either way, I’d rather go to a specialist!

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