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  • Kevin’s Weekly Journal 10/8 through 10/14/18

    Posted by kevin-schaefer on October 15, 2018 at 7:00 am

    I won’t lie, I spent way too much time this past week playing on the new DC Universe app. I wrote about this in another post, but basically it’s a new app that features DC tv shows and movies, comics, news content and community forums. It’s very convenient for me, as all of that content is there in one place. I don’t have to switch between multiple apps to read or watch something, which saves me a lot of energy.

    It was also good for me to just relax a bit and do something I enjoy. I have been working a lot lately, and I’m glad I spent some time this week releasing stress and geeking out with an extremely nerdy app.

    Aside from that I worked, had PT last Monday and hung out with my family on Saturday. My physical therapist Jean said I’ve been doing well lately, and she can tell that my muscle flexibility has improved. Just being in the pool each week helps tremendously, as I can stretch my arms and legs freely. Even my stretching exercises don’t hurt in the water like they would if I were in my chair.

    Aside from that, nothing too much else is new. I used Sunday afternoon to catch up on some work, and I have a fairly busy week ahead.

    Hope you all are doing well. What did you do this past week?

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