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    Posted by kevin-schaefer on April 10, 2018 at 2:51 pm

    Hey everyone, so I recently saw a post in an SMA Facebook group asking for advice related to social events for their SMA child. This parent had taken their SMA child to a birthday party, and the child felt excluded because most of the events there were physical activities. This parent wanted advice for helping their child socially.

    This is a common concern expressed by many SMA parents and caregivers. Speaking as an adult SMA patient, I will tell you that there will be social events which someone who has SMA simply can’t participate in. Nevertheless, you want to make the inclusive events outnumber the ones that your child can’t take part in.

    I know when I was in elementary school and it became too difficult for me to go out on the playground everyday at recess, my teachers would let me stay back in the classroom with a few of my peers. We’d play board games and hang out, and my friends loved it. Alternative solutions like this are a good way to ensure that your child still has an active social life.

    My other advice would be to just let your child participate in birthday parties and other social activities. It may feel a little awkward for them at first, especially if they’re more introverted and quiet, but once their peers see that they’re just normal kids who happen to be in a wheelchair, they’ll get used to all of that. It’s also important for an SMA individual to learn how to advocate for themselves early on. It can be nerve-wrecking at first to let them do stuff with other kids, but the more exposed they are to normal social situations, the more independent they’ll be as they grow up.

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