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    Planes, Trains, & Accessible Travel With SMA

    Talk to your doctor to determine if you or your child is fit to travel.

    Traveling with a child is never easy. Traveling with a child in a wheelchair is an extra challenge. The first time Leah flew on an airplane, she was six months old, almost a year before she was diagnosed. We have always been a traveling family and once she was diagnosed, we were both hopeful and determined that it wouldn’t hold us back.

    I have always flown with Leah by myself, just the two of us. Call me crazy; it’s OK, I am. There are some things we have learned that have made it so much easier for us.

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       Kevin Schaefer 

      Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend.

      For today’s Motivation Monday post, I wanted to talk about getting out of the house. As SMAers, it’s obviously much easier for us to sit at home on our days off. Getting out can often be a hassle for us, especially during the wintertime. Then when you factor in things like transportation and accessibility, it takes extensive effort to work around these obstacles.

      Still, I believe that getting out and experiencing the world around us is worth the effort. Just stepping outside (or rolling) for a few moments a day is good for anyone’s health, as noted in this Psychology Today article. A simple breath of fresh air does wonders for our mental and physical health.

      For me, it’s little things that help. On Saturday, I chose to stay at home and watch too much TV, and I felt lousy as a result. I still got a fair amount of reading and writing done, but I stayed inside all day and night. Then on Sunday, I took my dog for a walk in the morning, and in the afternoon I hung out at my local comic shop for a few hours. Just these simple activities made me feel better and more refreshed than I did on Saturday. It helped too that the weather in North Carolina this weekend was fantastic.

      I just wanted to encourage you all to spend just a little bit of time outdoors this week, if possible. Something as simple as a visit to a coffee shop could give you a solid energy boost.

      What’s something you can do this week to get out? Is there a place you could go to regularly?

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       Halsey Blocher 

      I absolutely relate to feeling refreshed when I get out for a while. I just got home from a book club at Barnes & Noble (they do it at every location if anyone’s interested) and had such a wonderful time! It was only an hour, but it felt so good to get out and do something out of my normal routine! And I always love discussing books.

      Theres also a Starbucks in walking distance from my house, so I enjoy going there sometimes when the weather is nice. It makes for a nice treat.

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         Kevin Schaefer 

        I love going to Barnes & Noble! There’s one right by my house I go to all the time.

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       DeAnn R 

      How do y’all avoid getting sick when you go out?  It seems like when I do more activities I end up catching a bug.  It doesn’t stop me from doing stuff, but I’m much more hesitant.

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         Kevin Schaefer 

        That part is tricky, and it kind of depends on the place. Bookstores and movie theaters are usually pretty safe for me, as I don’t have to come into direct, physical contact with people. I am going to an outdoor concert next weekend, and events like that with big crowds are definitely risky. Still, sometimes the experience is worth the risk.

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         Halsey Blocher 

        Absurd amounts of hand sanitizer! Other than that, there is really only so much you can do. Obviously, avoid people that I know are ill and limit outing during the flu season. After that I just hope for the best.

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       Patrick Lenihan 

      I have a 4 year old high energy lab so staying in isn’t really an option. I often walk him or go with my s/o to watch her exercise him at the dog park or in the bay. I like to hang out in the yard with my s/o as she works in the garden. I like to go to our local deli and our weekly farmers market.  I love going to many of the local breweries and having a pint in the outdoor bier gardens. When the weather is colder I love having a drink with friends sitting outside around my propane fire pit. I live in a very walkable neighborhood in a city with good public transit so getting out isn’t that difficult for me. Most of the leisure activities I  enjoy require me to leave the house.

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         Kevin Schaefer 

        Nice! Yeah it definitely helps to have places like that to go to regularly.

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