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  • My Weekly Journal – 06/17/19 Through 06/23/19

    Posted by michael-morale on June 24, 2019 at 3:00 pm
    Monday, June 17, Through Sunday, June 23 – Two weeks ago, everything moved in slow motion. This past week, everything seemed as if it was in fast-forward. I’m trying to get a couple weeks ahead on work right now, as I have my next Spinraza injection coming up in two weeks. I’m 99% sure that everything will go great, but I tend to play on the safe side.
    This past week, when I went for my workout with Emily, she and I worked on my core strengthening exercises. We did the normal exercises with the resistance bands, and we also worked on the same isometric exercises. By doing core strengthening exercises one week, and then working on my range of motion and flexibility during the next, this ensures that I’m getting a good workout at both the core level, and in my legs. Next week, we will once again start the range of motion and flexibility exercises. We will also work on my balance, and the muscles in my neck.
    In this week’s video, I talk about four key tips to follow when going in for a Spinraza injection. These are the tips that I follow when I go in for one of my injections, and I hope my subscribers will find them helpful too. Click HERE to view my video.
    I’ve updated the flash briefings that I do for Bionews Services. Click HERE to go to the flash briefings.
    I hope that all of you had a fantastic week. Do something for yourself this upcoming week that will make you a better person. God bless you, and I’ll see you soon.
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