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  • Persistence Pays Off Again

    Posted by deann-r on November 16, 2021 at 2:00 pm

    Nothing’s ever easy or so it seems. For over a year my back door opener hasn’t worked. After trying various things we came to the conclusion the 17 year old opener needed replacing. I initiated the process for a new opener last year. No big deal, I can simply use the front door. That’s all fine and well except to let my dog out. First I have to go out to open the gate, come around to get him, bring him to the back and let him do his business, bring him back around to the front then go & close the gate before going in the house. A hassle at 60 degrees, torture at 35 degrees. Once the temperature dropped needless to say I was more persistent with status checks. Two weeks ago the new opener got installed!

    Of course it couldn’t go without a snafu. They had ordered the button that activates the door to be triggered by waving your hand by the door. Yeah, that’s not gonna work for me. After discussing I’d like to be able to voice activate it like the one I had before, they ordered the parts. What was supposed to be a couple days turned into a couple weeks. Low and behold after a couple weeks and yet another phone call the guy shows up. I now have a fully functional voice activated back door again! Just in time as we had our first snowfall the other day.

    I’m convinced I’d still be waiting if not for checking in as frequently as I did. Do you check in when you’re waiting? Being a pest is always a concern of mine but I guess I just have to get over that worry. What types of things have you needed to be persistent about?

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