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      Brianna Albers

      I was all excited to get my suprapubic catheter… and then Minnesota got its first presumptive coronavirus case. Like most of y’all, I’m on lockdown, which means I’ve postponed the procedure until further notice.

      Right now, I’m mostly just trying to keep my anxiety under control. My dad is able to work from home, so I don’t have any PCAs coming. My mom might be telecommuting, too (fingers crossed). Luckily, it’s not a big deal for all of us to hang around the house. I am getting antsy, though.

      How are you guys handling the news?

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      Alyssa Silva

      It is a crazy time we’re living in right now. There aren’t really any added precautions I’m taking right now. Just because I’ve been quarantining myself since Christmas. Granted, March is usually the month I start getting into my routine again, but now that’s obviously not the case. This isolation is starting to get to me.

      I also begged my dad to start working for home even though his company won’t allow it right now— so crazy considering RI is under a state of emergency and my dad works for the state! Fortunately, his boss made an exception given our circumstances, so I think he’ll start next week. I still have PCAs and nurses coming in as well as healthy friends and family.

      It’s tough knowing where to draw the line as far as visitors and employees entering the home go, but we’re being vigilant about it. Of course, this virus has us all on edge.

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      Halsey Blocher

      Like Alyssa, I still have my nurses and some family and friends coming over as long as they are feeling well. I’m being particular about where I will or won’t go, but so many things have closed that there’s not really a whole lot of anywhere to go. We’ll see how long it takes before I go stir crazy…

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      guys please have in mind that a person can be contagious with up to 14 days without any symptoms (they can feel perfectly fine), and also the virus can survive on surfaces for days (much longer than other viruses). Please think again about receiving any kind of guests, and do disinfect anything that enters your house.

      This may sound tiresome, but just take a look at what is happening in Italy…

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