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  • Recapping my First Maintenance Dose

    Posted by kevin-schaefer on May 3, 2018 at 9:19 am

    Yesterday I went in for my first maintenance dose (so my fifth injection). Overall it went well, though it did take a little more time than the previous injections.

    The most time-consuming part was getting the needle in the right place. In this scenario, a millimeter makes all the difference. It took several tries for the doctors to get the little thing in just the right spot for the injection. During this, I pretty much just closed my eyes and daydreamed. It wasn’t super painful or anything, just annoying.

    Then by the time my neurologist put the medicine in it was over before I knew it. I rested in the hospital for about an hour, and was then let home. After eating a late lunch I just took it easy in bed the rest of the day. I also drank a lot of soda to reduce my chances of a spinal headache. Praise the Lord I have yet to deal with that nightmare.

    Overall I have no complaints. The injections have gone smooth so far, and even if the effects of the drug are small I’ll take them. Feel free to ask me questions about the process, the effects I’ve seen, etc.

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