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    Celebrating “Inchstones” in SMA

    A mother’s perspective: How our family measures progress since treatment

    You couldn’t picture a happier or more beautiful little boy than the one who came into our lives on January 4, 2019. Little did we know, this bundle of joy we named Slade was just starting a journey that was going to change our family’s life.

    About 2 weeks after Slade was born we started to notice that he appeared to be a bit floppy. Our pediatrician chalked it up to him being a calm baby and told us he’d eventually grow out of it. With my husband being a chiropractor and my background in early childhood development, we knew something was wrong–we could just feel it.

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        DeAnn R

        Wheelchairs wreck flooring.  When I moved into my house I quickly had to replace the plush light blue carpeting with a darker color low pile version.  I still track in, but at least it’s not as visible.  In general I don’t wipe off my tires unless they’re really muddy.  I might make a couple turns on the rug by the door hoping it’ll help.  Winter and spring are the worst with all the snow & slush.  It’s been so icy here I’m even tracking in salt.  My Mom makes me melt off on a rug at her house before I can go through the house & I have to avoid carpet if my wheels are wet or dirty.  You definitely need shoes or slippers to avoid stepping in a puddle.  What do you guys do about sloppy tires?  Any tips on avoiding tracking through the house?

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        Tracy Odell

        I stay in the kitchen on the tile floor for twenty minutes or so until the snow melts off my wheels, and then the tiles get mopped off. If I’m in a hurry, though, I will get them wiped off with a towel.

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        Alyssa Silva

        My poor hardwood floors are completely ruined from the salt my chair brings in. Sometimes I have someone hose my tires down outside if they’re really bad, but because I don’t sit in my wheelchair all day, I usually just park it in my room and get transferred out. The rug in my van is also completely torn apart. For that, I went to Staples and bought one of those plastic office mats and had my van’s mechanic install it for me.

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