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      Happy Tuesday!

      I realized last week that I’ve never actually written about my hypnagogic hallucinations, so I wrote a column about it! This is something I’ve dealt with multiple times. I’m curious if others here have as well. Beware: I mention spiders several times 🕷️

      Have you ever had a nighttime hallucination? Did you receive treatment for it? I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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      Are the hallucinations related to SMA, and how so medically speaking?

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        As far as I know, no, they’re not related! Hypnagogic hallucinations affect a lot of people, similar to sleep apnea.

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      Alyssa Silva

      Yes, I’m wondering the same thing! Also, how do you feel taking melatonin? I’ve always considered it but my body is suuuuper sensitive to drugs, I’m afraid it’ll keep me in a steady drowsy state for days.

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        Honestly, it barely affects me! It does the job, because my hallucinations are more or less a thing of the past, but I don’t really feel that it makes me drowsy or anything like that.

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      OMG, the big spider thing sounds absolutely terrifying! I guess it can be very discomforting to see something that you know for sure is not real and can’t be in your room, but to not be able to jump up and get away (just in case) from freaking giant spider… horrible situation.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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