• SMA COVID cases?

    Posted by zicari on January 14, 2021 at 8:09 am

    Hello all,

    I’m new to the board, and I’m sorry if my first post is a bit morbid.

    I’m in my 40’s and have SMA type 2. Like many of you, I’ve spent the past year hiding from this virus. I’ve been wondering how people with SMA, particularly adults in my category, are doing in terms of catching and surviving the virus. I’m obviously scared to death of it because I just barely made it through a bad case of pneumonia about 5 years ago. I’m just curious at this point, after a year, how the “numbers” are for us.

    Are you all aware of older SMA adults like myself who have been exposed and passed away? Survived?

    Also, I saw that MDA had written a letter to the CDC requesting that neuromuscular diseases be included in the phase I co-morbidity list for the vaccine, but nobody has any information on a response. I’ve so far not been able to get a vaccination appointment. Are we an “underling condition” or not? Frustrating.



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  • deann-r

    January 14, 2021 at 9:01 am

    Welcome Zicari! Great question. To preface I’m 41 yrs old with type 2. Like you I was terrified to get it because of past life threatening battles with pneumonia. Back in November I contracted COVID through a caregiver. Thankfully my case was mild. It started with a sore throat. I had a fever for a few days and some sinus drainage congestion. At one point I was concerned if the sinus drainage settled in my chest I’d be in trouble, but as quick as that thought entered my head the drainage went away. By the time I got my COVID positive results I was feeling better. Of course this was just my experience. Unfortunately I think it affects everyone differently.

    It seems like vaccines are becoming a bit more accessible. I’m actually getting one today through my work. Sometimes it just takes talking to the right people.

    • zicari

      January 14, 2021 at 9:25 am

      That’s encouraging to hear. I’ve had this idea in my head that if I caught it I’d be toast, and it’s been causing me a great deal of anxiety. Just knowing adults with SMA have survived it makes me feel a bit better – but I’m not going out to party just yet ;).

      I look forward to hearing how your injection goes.

      You’re 41? Never would have guessed that from your profile pic if you don’t mind me saying. I wish I looked so great at my age!

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