• Surprise Fail

    Posted by deann-r on June 26, 2020 at 9:00 am

    Let’s face it, surprises are hard to pull off. Not impossible, but certainly difficult. It’s one of my longtime PCA’s birthdays. I’ve done the whole gift card thing before, so want to do something more fun. Of course I came up with a brilliant idea to surprise her with a paid haircut. Even with everything planned out it still failed.

    This particular PCA gets her hair cut every faithfully every 5 weeks, unless there’s an illness that shuts down the economy. Needless to say after missing her last appointment she’d be getting one soon. I thought it would be fun if they would say it was paid for. Easy, call the salon and pay for it by credit card over the phone, right? Not so much. First phone call was unsuccessful, they don’t take credit cards and suggested coming in for a gift certificate. Not gonna happen, they have steps. Plus it would defeat the purpose of the surprise. When I called back I talked to the owner, who is actually the stylist. After explaining my situation she agreed to stop & pick up the money. I live less than 5 blocks away. When she failed to stop I had Mom go in and pay.

    Knowing her haircut was scheduled I anticipated her reaction. I didn’t think she’d expect me because of the whole inaccessibility aspect of the salon. Therefore I made a birthday card that said I hoped she enjoyed her haircut on me and gave it to her after the fact. She was baffled because The stylist never said anything and she paid for her own cut. We got it straightened out and her next haircut will be covered, but the element of surprise is gone.

    Have you ever accomplished a surprise? How did you pull it off?

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  • alyssa-silva

    June 26, 2020 at 9:10 am

    I can’t believe the stylist charged her!!! My mouth actually dropped when I read that.

    I’ve planned several surprise parties, and they are STRESSFUL. Just because you come up with the perfect plan in your head on how you are going to surprise that person, and it almost never goes according to plan haha.

    I guess my best tip is to get others involved in the planning process like you did with your mom. Helps things run more smoothly leading up to the big surprise.

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