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    Posted by kevin-schaefer on April 9, 2018 at 2:09 pm

    Living with SMA (or any kind of visible disability) means that questions and comments from strangers are a regular part of our routine. Some are positive, while others are either annoying or hilariously ignorant.

    “Do you sleep in your wheelchair?” is one that I’ve always found entertaining.

    However, while these comments can become tiresome, I also think that these interactions provide opportunities for educating people about SMA. I just got back from New York City, and I had several great conversations with people I met there. The majority were sparked by people’s interest in my JACO Robotic arm, and from there I was able to talk a little about SMA and what I do here at Bionews. I left these encounters with a positive feeling, and it was exciting to hear these folks ask intelligent questions about my life and my disability.

    What are some positive encounters you all have had with strangers? I think it helps to encourage each other here to have those conversations and not be afraid to talk about SMA in public settings.

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