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      Kevin Schaefer

      So I do have a primary physical therapist, Jean, who I work with regularly. However, because of her schedule and how fast the clinic can fill up around certain times of the year, I’ve worked with several other PTs as well.

      This month I had to rearrange my PT schedule, on account of the fact that I lost track of time and waited too long to make appointments 😬. Fortunately, there were a few slots available for the next few weeks with a different therapist. I’ve been fortunate to not have any issues with a therapist at this clinic yet, and the one I worked with today was great as well. Jean was able to be there today to go over my routine with her, which helped greatly.

      Working with a different physical therapist is kind of like training a new caregiver, but I actually find it much easier. When a new caregiver shows up I never know what they’ll be like or if they’ll work out, but with PT I trust everyone who works at the clinic I go to. As long as I’m working with someone who will listen to me, I’m happy to explain to them the specifics of my routine and let them know what parts of my body are the most sensitive. Like I’ve said before, finding a good PT and a good facility makes a world of difference. I would say that the anxiety of starting this process is very normal, but I can tell you that doing some kind of PT on a regular basis offers huge benefits for those of us with SMA.

      What questions do you all have about starting PT or finding a good physical therapist?

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