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  • blake-watson

    August 17, 2021 at 11:24 am

    I haven’t been here long but I always enjoy your articles and writing style. Hypothetical questions are one of my favorite things. It’s fun to be able to construct an alternate reality where anything is possible (D&D anyone?).

    Hypothetically I think I would go for the magical cure. It would be weird for sure and it might pull me away from some social circles. That said, it would be a flood of new experiences and that seems really exciting to me. I would have the perspective of both worlds. I’m sure it would cause an existential crisis but hopefully one that ends in personal growth.

    I sometimes imagine a sort of reversed version of this hypothetical question—what would I be like now if I had not been born with SMA? That’s a scarier thought experiment because it involves missing out on all the things that make me me. Would I have been a jock? A bully? Would I be less geeky? Would I still have learned web development. Would I have been less creative? Would alternate me be able to understand real me at all? It’s hard to imagine.

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