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  • Did everyone have a nice Christmas?

    Posted by alyssa-silva on December 27, 2021 at 11:00 am

    How was everyone’s Christmas? My low-key Christmas got even smaller when my niece woke up sick on Christmas Eve. So it was just me, my parents, and my grandparents which was still nice. Now, I have a week off from my full-time job and am looking forward to continuing these low-key vibes. Been feeling a little overwhelmed these days, so a little reset is definitely needed!

    alyssa-silva replied 1 year, 11 months ago 3 Members · 4 Replies
  • 4 Replies
  • deann-r

    December 28, 2021 at 9:45 pm

    Mine was low-key as well. Blizzard conditions delayed my return home, but I made it back and everyone is safe.

    • alyssa-silva

      January 6, 2022 at 4:31 pm

      Oh gosh. Blizzards and wheelchairs aren’t a good mix. Glad everyone is safe.

  • dennis-turner

    January 5, 2022 at 10:26 am

    Way late seeing this, but for the most part it was wonderful.

    I enjoyed Christmas with my grandchildren, 2.5 and 5, for the first time( they live overseas).

    I think we had a visit from Omicron, everyone but I were struggling with bad cold like symptoms. Fortunately we have all recovered,  it lasted from Christmas eve until New Years Day.

    Praying you are all avoiding sickness and are doing well.

    • alyssa-silva

      January 6, 2022 at 4:29 pm

      That is so great that you were able to spend time with them! I’m glad everyone is feeling better, too. Things are getting pretty bad out there.