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    Celebrating “Inchstones” in SMA

    A mother’s perspective: How our family measures progress since treatment

    You couldn’t picture a happier or more beautiful little boy than the one who came into our lives on January 4, 2019. Little did we know, this bundle of joy we named Slade was just starting a journey that was going to change our family’s life.

    About 2 weeks after Slade was born we started to notice that he appeared to be a bit floppy. Our pediatrician chalked it up to him being a calm baby and told us he’d eventually grow out of it. With my husband being a chiropractor and my background in early childhood development, we knew something was wrong–we could just feel it.

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        Kevin Schaefer

        I think my next injection is in May. I was wondering if you feel the medicine starting to wear off when you’re close to another injection. Do any of you start to feel fatigue or anything? I can kind of feel when I’m ready for another dose, and I was curious if anyone else experienced this.

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        Alex Telenson

        Kevin – it’s funny you mention this.  I got my last dose about a week and a half ago and I feel great. Prior to that however – especially the few weeks leading up to it – I was feeling quite fatigued by things that otherwise hadn’t previously made me tired. I knew I had the shot coming up so I wasn’t sure if it was a sort of placebo. And I know the feeling of “having energy” is subjective and difficult to measure for clinicians, but every time I get a dose I feel like I have so much more energy for the next 3 or so months. It’s not as if I am getting stronger. I still can’t lift my arm very high, but I swear by the increase in energy, which in turn feeds forward and improves my mood which I know is not an effect of spinraza, but definitely a secondary downstream effect of having more energy. Additionally – and this point is critical – prior to the injections I had felt myself getting weaker over a time course of a year or so in that I lost the ability to do certain things I was able to do prior. I have not experienced that since getting the injection. If the natural history of our disease is to slowly decline, then halting any further progression – in my opinion – is by definition improving. Aka spinraza = big fan.

        So in short, yes. I experience exactly what you are talking about.

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          Kevin Schaefer

          Yeah it’s interesting. Back in 2017 when I had my first injection, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I definitely felt an energy boost from that first boost, and then seeing it wear off made me realize why the maintenance doses are necessary. And after multiple doses, it is cool to see the things I can do now. My physical therapist has told me that my general muscle strength has improved and that I have better balance.

          Good luck on your next dose!

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        DeAnn R

        I’ve certainly noticed with the last two injections that the effect wears off as the next injection draws near.  Not specifically my energy level, but my muscles tire more easily.  I find myself dropping items more frequently or that things are just a bit more difficult again.  Overall I still feel better than pre-Spinraza though.

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