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      DeAnn R

      Have you ever had to turn around a frustrating situation? Less than 5 minutes after my caregiver left I notice my bedroom light on and the envelope to go in the mail still on the table. Not only that, the infuser she refilled isn’t plugged in. Although nothing is earth shattering it’s such an inconvenience.

      In hopes of turning off the light I grab the yardstick. Swing and a miss. By now my cat thinks I’m playing with her. Chattering in anticipation she’s perched under the switch in case I miss again. Whack number two, success, the light is off. Of course I have to pretend I missed so Kitty can grab the yardstick in triumph. One down, two to go.

      I grab my cell phone and attach it to the lanyard. Heaven forbid I get stuck outside at 33 degrees and need to call for help. In attempt to prevent my cat from escaping I try shutting her in the bedroom. After that failed I wait till she’s preoccupied in the garage. With Alexa’s assistance I open the door and successfully deliver the envelope to the box. I’m heading in and see Kitty stealthily stalking the door. Thankfully making scary monster noises diverted her attempt. Luckily all my neighbors are at work so don’t have to wonder what’s that crazy lady in a wheelchair is doing. Bonus (not really but trying to look on the bright side,) about a thousand seed pods tracked in with me so that should keep Kitty entertained for hours.

      Since I already have one extra seed pod mess for my next caregiver to clean up, I’m not even attempting to plug in the infuser. I can just envision a pool of oil infused water going everywhere as I tip it over finagling the cord in place.

      Two out of three ain’t bad. A part of me is frustrated these simple tasks didn’t get done. Another part of me feels successful that I accomplished them. Or at least most of them. Sure, it took extra time, effort and ingenuity but I can be happy about it instead of bitter. What types of situations have you turned around?

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