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  • david-z

    October 23, 2018 at 1:53 am

    I wrote a computer app that emulates holding down a key/button whenever & as long as I hum (heard by the microphone). It’s great for quickly skimming through news, webpages, etc, where I have it scroll down when I hum. Much easier than having to reach to do it manually.

    But I’ve thought it’d really have been perfect if I’d had it back when I had my spinal fusion as a kid. I was naturally completely uninterested in doing the lung exercises with the spirometer. However, if you set up the app to hold the “walk forward” key in video games, you only need to use a mouse or touchpad to “steer” or look around, and in order to move in the game, you’re induced to take deep breaths and long sustained exhales. Who knows what my vital capacity would be today if I’d been tricked into exercising my lungs back then.

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