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      I just sat down with my ATP and finalized the order for my new chair! I’ve had my current one for seven years, and it’s starting to get pretty uncomfortable, so I’m looking forward to the change. I should get it — hopefully — within two to three months!

      When was the last time you got a new chair? What was the experience like?

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      DeAnn R

      I’m in the same boat. Mine’s 7 years old too. I’m in the exciting yet scary process now. What did you go with? I already regret not asking for a feature.

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      DeAnn R

      P.s. I’ve never gotten a chair that quickly, but that’s what they’re telling me too.

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      Omg twins! I went with the same – Permobil. What about you?

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      DeAnn R

      I’m switching from an Invacare rwd to Permobile fwd…eek!  I’m hoping the additional features make the switch worthwhile.

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      Greg Sealey

      Hi, I just upgraded earlier this year.  I went with the Pride Mobility Quantum Q6 Edge 3.  From initial meeting until delivery to me was about 6 months. Even then it took another month or two to refine all of the adjustments. So, don’t plan to give up on your old chair for a while.

      I made some changes in my new chair’s configuration compared to my old chair due to the progression of my SMA over the years.  I converted from the standard joystick to to the Mo-Vis Micro joystick.  This new joystick requires almost no force to drive (8.5gf compared to 250gf for a standard joystick).  Needless to say, driving my chair is a breeze now.

      I also added the Mo-Vis hand warmer.  I’m not sure if any of you have the same problem.  But, my hands get cold easily.  And, when they do, I loose what little strength I have, making driving the chair next to impossible. The hand warmer has be a terrific add to my configuration, enabling warm air to be blown on my hand at the press of a button.

      The third addition is the most helpful of all. On my old chair, I needed 3 buttons in extremely close proximity to my hand in order to control my chair. One button was needed to turn the chair on/off. A second one was needed to change the modes on the chair.  The third was needed to control a bluetooth switch for my phone. With the new hand warmer on the new chair a forth switch would potentially be needed.  Also, the Quantum QS Edge 3 comes standard with headlights and taillights.  So, potentially a fifth switch would be needed to control the lights.  With limited range of motion in my hand, I couldn’t see how I could place up to five switches close enough together for me to use.  Besides that, it would have become a tangled mess of wires running all around my hand, much like a bowl full of spaghetti.

      So, I found another device from Mo-Vis called a Multi-Switch.  The Multi-Switch can be configured to allow one switch to control up to four different devices.  This has been an incredible help to me.  I highly recommend it if you are experiencing similar problems needing to navigate through too many switches on your chair.

      Mo-Vis ( is a Belgium based company. Their products are distributed here in the US by Stealth Products (  They will work on all of the major wheelchair brands (Pride, Invacare, and Permobil).  I will say that the Multi-Switch is not currently listed by Stealth in their product offerings.  I worked with Stealth to become their evaluator of the Multi-Switch before they offer it across the country.  I have given it glowing reviews.  They should be adding it to their product offerings soon.  Your ATP should have an account rep with Stealth that he/she works with regularly to find out more about these three products.

      Let me know if you want to know more.

      Life is Good,

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      Oh my gosh, that hand warmer sounds incredible! Definitely checking it out. Thanks, Greg!

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      DeAnn R

      Thanks for sharing Greg! A hand warmer, OMG, I need this! I’ll be calling my rep Monday to see if they know about that product.  My chair has been ordered, but this is definitely something that would benefit me. My fingers are already frozen and it’s only October.

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