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      Mike Huddleston

      About a month ago, my regular PT asked me to participate in demo of a Lite Gait portable harness.  This device can apparently be manual (hand pumped) or automatic use of hydraulics.  I needed to lay on a PT table, have the harness placed underneath and around me (goes between the upper thighs and around your wait/midsection.  With the device holding an adjustable percentage of my weight, I was able to walk in the therapy room using Lofstrand crutches.

      This is similar in concept to a Vector ceiling based harness, but more portable.  It didn’t strike me as practical for in home use as it’s rather big/bulky, but my PT is trying to get it approved for her clinic.

      The device we used was for adults, but they also have pediatric sized units.  Different adult units have differing weight capacities.

      I’m hopeful this will get approved for her clinic as it was about $9000 for the automatic mid level unit.  Not outrageously high for something like this, albeit more than I could afford.

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      Kevin Schaefer

      Interesting Mike. I’ve never used anything like this, though standing isn’t really feasible for me. Though I know some people with Type III who might be interested in this.

      What did it feel like? Was it fairly comfortable?

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        Mike Huddleston

        It was mostly comfortable, although a little snug through the upper thigh area.  That could be adjusted for comfort.

        Back in 2014, I was in a rehab facility for 6 weeks trying to relearn to walk after a hospitalization.  That is where I first used a device such as this, but the ceiling installed variety called the Vector that I mentioned in the previous post. I know we were able to make adjustments on the straps with that.  This one, I had less than an hour for the demo so tossed mild discomfort out the window to maximize time of use.

        I just found out that Hopkins has a Vector available on site for PT.  I go there for the Spinraza injections and related assessments, but the Vector is housed in a different area.  If my PT is unable to arrange one of these in her clinic, I may check into options at Hopkins for using the Vector.  Back in that 2014 episode, it was very interesting as I was really struggling to walk with the Vector holding about 90% of my weight.  Based on the way I had to weight shift and kind of “throw” my legs in front of me to walk, I suggested my therapist in rehab to reduce the amount of weight it was holding. When she reduced it to about 60%, I was able to more closely simulate my, uh, normal gait.  This Lite Gait has a similar adjustment.

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      DeAnn R

      I can see where this would be a useful tool for those who are struggling with the ability to walk.  I hope that folks who would benefit ask their physical therapist about it.

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