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  • The Morale Monologue #9 – SIC Delivery Of Spinraza Barred In The European Union

    Posted by michael-morale on October 3, 2018 at 7:03 am


    In this episode of the Morale Monologue, I’m going to be discussing a new delivery method for Spinraza known as the SIC System. SIC, otherwise known as the Subcutaneous Intrathecal Catheter System, is a subcutaneous port that is planted just below the skin, and this port has a line otherwise known as a catheter that runs directly to your spinal column and into your central nervous system.

    Individuals who have had spinal fusion for scoliosis have encountered difficulties in receiving their treatments, because doctors sometimes have difficulties inserting the needle into the spinal column to reach the central nervous system. The SIC system would allow those who have had difficulties receiving their treatments to possibly be able to begin their treatments without the fear of having to go through and intrathecal injection, otherwise known as a lumbar puncture.

    In my presentation, I discuss how the European Union, otherwise known as the EU, have made the decision that they will not utilize the SIC system in their patients who are trying to undergo their Spinraza treatments. I strongly disagree with this decision because if they were to use the SIC system, this would open Pandora’s box and allow many more people to receive their treatments who would otherwise be eliminated or disqualified from receiving this possibly life-changing treatment.

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