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      Alyssa Silva

        I’m very ashamed to admit that I don’t take a multivitamin. Long story short, I have terrible GI issues and every time I attempt vitamins, I get sick within a few days. I do my best to stick it out for vitamin D, but even that gives me issues.

        Do you take a multivitamin? If so, how is it on your stomach?

        Note: I cannot swallow pills. I prefer liquid but can do chewables as well.

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        Robert Stump

          Because my diet is pretty limited, I started taking a multivitamin about 15 months ago, and now I am doing daily vitamin D supplementation as well.  I have to admit I do feel better after having started taking both of them daily, and when I tried to stop I noticed a drop off in energy and excitement for life.  So, I guess now I am stuck!

          Due to my swallowing issues, and even chewing issues, I stick with liquid only.  I rarely have G.I. issues, so I didn’t expect these to cause me any issues, and they haven’t whatsoever, but your mileage may vary.

          Tropical Oasis Adult Liquid Multivitamin
          Wellesse Vitamin D3

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          Alyssa Silva

            Thank you for sharing this! My diet is limited as well, and I should have started taking a multivitamin a long time ago. But again, vitamins upset my stomach. It’s such a delicate balance with me. I’m so happy to hear you’ve noticed a difference. Definitely gives me hope if I am able to stick with it.

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            Yvette Haas

              If you have a gtube, I suggest doing a liquid multivitamin mixed with a couple of ounces of food. You can also try splitting it into two doses, so it’s spread out and still diluted by food. I do mine when I have some of my food (Liquid Hope and Real Food Blends) already in or about to go in my stomach.

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                Alyssa Silva

                  I don’t have a gtube but always take it with food— usually after breakfast. I got really sick this weekend (more than likely from the multivitamin) so I’m taking a few days off to get back to my baseline. But I’ll have to try 2 smaller doses twice a day. Good idea!

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