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  • My NEW Bi-Weekly Journal – 03/18 Through 03/31

    Posted by michael-morale on March 31, 2019 at 2:45 pm
    Monday, March 18, Through Sunday, March 31 – The past two weeks have been anything but normal. Two weeks ago, I posted a video where I talked about my recent maintenance dose injection of Spinraza. In my update, I said that everything went well and that I was feeling fine. On Wednesday, March 13, I started experiencing some problems sitting up straight in my wheelchair. After living with this discomfort for nearly 5 days, I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with prostatitis. This is the reason why I did not post a video last week.
    When I went to the hospital on Saturday, March 16, the emergency room physicians ran blood-work and urinalysis, which came back fine. To find out what was going on with me, they scheduled me for a CT scan. When the doctor came back into my room to read the results of the CT scan, he told me that I had prostatitis, which was an infection in my prostate. He told me that this is the reason why I was having the discomfort that I was having, and it was also the reason why I was unable to sit straight up in my chair. The easiest way to describe this would be that it felt like I was sitting on an orange. The emergency room doctor gave me a prescription for antibiotics and some pain medication. While I’m no longer on the pain medication, I have to continue my antibiotic for a total of 40 days.
    Over the past two weeks, I continued with my physical therapy. The week before last, Emily and her student, Carl, transferred me from my wheelchair to the therapy table and we did my balance exercises along with my leg exercises. Everything went well and I’m finding that my range of motion in my legs are getting better. This week, we worked on my core strengthening exercises using the resistance bands, and also some isometric reverse crunches on my back. My neck muscles seem to be improving slowly, and everything went well during my workout.
    In this week’s video, I go into detail as to the reasons why I didn’t post a video last week, and also describe what happened to me when I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with prostatitis. I also announce that I am only going to be doing my videos every two weeks, versus weekly videos. I’m doing this because my work schedule for Bionews Services has increased, and right now, there’s not really a lot of new information to report on myself. Besides physical therapy, everything else seems to be copacetic, and after my schedule settles down with Bionews Services, and there is more information to report within the SMA community, I will start doing weekly videos at that point. Click HERE to view my video. Also, click HERE to view my new computer set up that I got for my job with Bionews Services.
    I hope that all of you had a fantastic week. Do something for yourself this upcoming week that will make you a better person. God bless you and I’ll see you in 2 weeks.
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  • adnan-hafizovic

    April 3, 2019 at 7:00 am

    One of the reasons that we have problems with the prostate is that we do not have a wife. This is a joke but true.

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