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      Happy Tuesday, everyone! Because I’m off school for the next couple of months, I’ve been settling into a new schedule, one with a little bit more flexibility since I don’t have as many responsibilities to juggle. It’s really forced me to slow down—which is great! The past few years have been super busy, so I’m enjoying the change of pace. I’ve been writing a lot, but there’s freedom in knowing I don’t have to if I don’t want to.

      I recently read a book about minimalism, which encouraged you to take note of your circadian rhythms and how they affect your workflow. I’ve noticed that, pretty much without fail, I don’t really get started until 2 p.m. If I have somewhere to be, that’s a different story, but if I’m at home, I usually end up replying to emails or catching up on social media until the afternoon. My prime work window is 2 pm to 6 pm, which I always saw as a stumbling block. My mom is an early riser, so I think I wanted to be like her and get a bunch of stuff done right when I wake up, but now that I’ve embraced my body’s way of doing things, my productivity has skyrocketed.

      I wrote a column about it if you’re interested in learning more!

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      DeAnn R

      Interesting. I have a few friends who your story reminds me of. It’s kind of tough to keep in touch with them because whenever I think about calling I know they’re not up and motivating yet, then I get into stuff and forget to give them a call later. It’s such an individual thing.

      For those of us who rely on others it can be increasingly difficult to listen to our clocks because we also have to take others rhythms into consideration. I know if I stay at my Mom’s I can’t stay up past 10:30 if I have hopes of getting to bed. No matter where I am, sleeping in never seems to pan out either because of PCA schedules and such.

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        Yeah, it’s difficult scheduling PCAs when your body is stubborn 😂 I lucked out that my dad is a night owl!

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