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      I have severe scoliosis of the spine and my curvature is very bad and I have to wear a spinal brace and without it I cannot sit up, swallow properly or breathe easily. The doctors have said that because I am 44 years old, a spinal fusion is not possible and would be quite dangerous for me. So it means I have to wear a spinal brace for the rest of my life. The problem I’m having is that the company that used to make a spinal brace for me since I was a child no longer exists and shut down a few years ago and I have gone to a few places where they have tried to make me a new brace but it is not comfortable and I cannot tolerate it for more than a few hours.

      Does anyone here have any similar experience of wearing a spinal brace as I would be very grateful to be able to chat to someone about their experience and to see if there are any new spinal braces out there that may suit me better?


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      DeAnn R

      Sorry to hear you’re struggling to find a comfortable support brace. Since my spine is fused it’s been years since I’ve needed one. It’s miserable when they don’t fit right though. I’m hopeful someone can share some wisdom to help. Technology has advanced since my brace wearing days, so there’s gotta be something better out there.

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      Alyssa Silva

      Hi Ajay. Yes, I have severe scoliosis and wear a spinal brace as well. Unfortunately, I’m in a similar situation as you. I’ve been wearing the same brace for 14 years because the new ones I’ve tried over the years just don’t fit right. If I have any updates, I will be sure to post here.

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        Yes please do because my brace is over 15 years old and starting to get weaker and not as supportive. It’s starting to make me depressed as I feel like there’s little hope.

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      Yvette Haas

      Sounds like I’m in the same boat as Ajay and Alyssa. I’m wearing the brace I got when I was 14, and I’m now 30. We tried to make a new one about 10 years ago, and over the course of a couple of years and many long appointments, we ended up scrapping at least two full braces.
      Over the years, as my breathing muscles have gotten weaker and my posture has gotten worse, making a brace that allows me to breathe, does not cause sores, anddd does anything to hold me has become increasingly impossible. After a while I felt bad going to the same guy over and over. He was great and had helped me since I was a small child, but he just couldn’t get it done to my new needs. I just moved to a new state, close to a very good hospital, so I’m considering picking up where we left off a decade ago. Maybe fresh eyes and advanced technology is what I need.

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