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      Alyssa Silva

        Does anyone else have an irrational fear of talking on the phone because they’re self-conscious about the way they speak? Between sounding like a child and having some difficulty pronouncing some words (especially when I’m tired), I fear people won’t take me seriously when speaking with me on the phone. Even worse, I fear they don’t understand what I’m saying. I say irrational because I’m almost 31 years old and still hate talking on the phone. But sometimes it’s hard. I never know how to handle a situation where people have trouble understanding my speech.

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        Blake Watson

          Yes ????. I just experienced this today. Sometimes it goes way better than I expected and sometimes it goes just as badly as I expected. I will put off making phone calls for an extremely long time.

          Technical note: regular telephone calls compress audio significantly more than a FaceTime/Zoom/Google Meet/Skype/whatever, so I go with those whenever possible. It’s much easier for people to understand me when the audio quality is better. Bonus points: if you have a good microphone on your computer then making a call through that will result in your audio being much better than, say, speakerphone.

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          Alyssa Silva

            Oh I didn’t know that! That’s actually really good to know. Thanks for the heads up.

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            Robert Stump

              I second Blake’s observation about a good quality PC microphone to make telephone calls. With Skype able to call landline numbers and Google Voice making PC calls to regular telephone numbers as well, I usually wait until I can call from my PC if the telephone call is important.

              Otherwise, I may just have one of my aides make the call for me and speak for me. I feel much better with that option in most settings anymore since my voice is so hard to understand now. Good thing my voice software can still halfway interpret what I’m saying most days, which is why I usually try to do an online chat or email if it is remotely possible to do so 🙂

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                Alyssa Silva

                  Yes, I prefer my caregivers make the phone calls whenever possible, too. A little unrelated to this post, but the new iPhone recognizes my voice much better than my old iPhone 11. I’m definitely impressed and will likely be using speech to text more often.

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                    With Skype able to call landline numbers

                    I think it can call any numbers, though for mobile it can be expensive (at least in my country).

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