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      DeAnn R

      Living on a limited income can be difficult.  Especially when unexpected costs pop up.  My service dog has had a small lump that has been bleeding off an on for the last month.  I took him to the vet yesterday and it appears to be a tumor that needs to be removed.  Although I got Roy through an organization at no cost I am responsible for his veterinary care.  Thankfully my Mom is able to help me out with the surgery bill.  I’ll be on the parental loan payback plan.  What do you guys do when unexpected expenses arise?

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      Kevin Schaefer

      Sorry to hear that DeAnn. I hope that gets taken care of soon.

      I know you’re very self-sufficient, and like me you hate asking people for financial support. Sometimes it’s inevitable though. Have you considered starting a GoFundMe for Roy’s medical bills?

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        DeAnn R

        Thanks Kevin, he’s actually getting it removed Monday.  Then he’ll be a cone-head for the next week or so.  Mom’s willing front me the money, but like you said I hate asking.  If it was something more extensive I’d definitely consider a GoFundMe.

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          Kevin Schaefer

          My dog Pandy hates when she has to put that cone on, so best wishes there lol.

          And I understand. It’s frustrating when it’s an unexpected expense, but not one that’s large enough to warrant a fundraiser. My best advice would be to consult with a social worker just to see if there’s any ways your insurance or someone could cover it. Depends on how good your social worker is, but just a thought.

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      Ryan Berhar

      Sorry about your pooch. Hope he recovers quickly!

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