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      I never thought I’d say this, but I’m actually looking forward to my urology appointment on Tuesday! I’m hoping to get a suprapubic catheter (SPC), which — if all goes according to plan — would completely transform my toileting situation. Very few people have heard of SPCs, so I’m a little nervous, but I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

      For those of you with SPCs, how did you go about bringing it up? Was your urologist familiar with the procedure? Did you run into any complications in terms of getting your urologist to agree? Anything else I should know about going into the appointment?

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      Rachel Markley

      I got my SPC in October but started the process in May. I was advised by 2 urologists not to do it because “my bladder was in “perfect working order”. I ended up going back to my first urologist and had a piece of paper full of a list of reasons why it was beneficial to my health and well-being and after that she didn’t really argue and ended up fully supporting my decision. I had another brief argument with the anesthesiologist on the day of surgery because I didn’t want to go under (my uro actually encouraged me to go with moderate sedation which I agreed with). Once he spoke with uro and she agreed to numb my bladder and the skin, he was fine.

      The only thing I would recommend is not getting Botox if they recommend it. It caused some general weakness with me. That being said, 4 months in, it is hands down the 2nd best decision (1st being trach) I’ve ever made. I feel better, less dry skin and constipation, I can go out and about all day like a normal adult, and I have WAY less anxiety. I honestly didn’t know how much I was obsessing over using the bathroom.

      I had a friend on speed dial (well text) the first 2 weeks because I had a lot of questions. I’m happy to give you my number if you’d like it!

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      DeAnn R

      Keep us posted! I’m still on the fence if it’s something I should pursue.

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      Alyssa Silva

      Good luck with everything, Brianna!

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      I would love to chat more about your anesthesia! Could you DM me your number?

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      Thanks, all!

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