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      DeAnn R

      Just wandering if you guys make home modifications to your chairs or equipment.  My dad was a handyman and has made several modifications for me such as attaching a bracket for a feeding tube pole, and a hook to hold my dogs leash. On my shower chair he attached a headrest.

      Now I’m looking for ideas on a footrest modification. I need something behind the footrest so my feet don’t slide back too far. The heel cups that came with just don’t allow enough side to side movement for me if that makes sense. My service dog can pull my feet forward, but that’s not always convenient.

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      Kevin Schaefer

      I’ve had the same wheelchair service-provider since I got my first chair, so I just go to them whenever I need something. I can either go in or they make house calls. I’m friends with the owners and most of the employees, so I’ll just text one of them if I need something.

      Regarding the footrest, do you have any kind of padding you can use that you can put your feet on? I usually just search online when I need something like that.

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        DeAnn R

        Hmm…that does get me thinking.  Wonder if I put a strip of that blue rubbery stuff along the back it would help.  I think it’s called Dysem.

        I should be better about calling the DME place, but I usually save them for major wheelchair repairs.  Right now my headrest is torn.  Seems like such a petty thing to get replaced, but it kind of looks shabby if I  don’t.

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          Kevin Schaefer

          Yeah I think that’s what I’ve used. Try it out.

          And that’s not petty at all. I’d definitely take it in and see what they can do.

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      Ryan Berhar

      Similar to Kevin, I am blessed to have a fantastic wheelchair mechanic who takes care of most of that stuff. My dad is pretty handy as well, though, and has made some modifications to my chair too. He installed a phone charger on my old chair (my new chair actually came with one built in) which is so nice and convenient. He also put pads on my armrests to keep my arms from sliding back. I also made a pen protector out of a zip tie which I talked about in another forum post.

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