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      DeAnn R

      I think I ask this every summer, but do y’all have podcast recommendations for me? I don’t really have any suggestions but am always looking for something new to listen to. Open to any genre as well, except maybe sports. Sorry, but not sorry.

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      Tracy Odell

      I love these podcasts:

      Every Little Thing – it is short, humorous, and always interesting – it originates in the US.

      Quirks and Quarks – this is a science show with interviews with various scientists studying anything and everything in the natural world from bugs to animals to plants, the environment and space. There are normally six things discussed in the hour-long show. It airs by CBC

      Under the Influence – follows a theme in advertising and marketing. You’d be surprised at how many topics can be discussed as the show has gone on for years and has never dropped in quality. It airs by CBC.

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      Avoiding my more/potentially controversial favorites (political, dark humor, etc)…


      Sean Carrol’s Mindscape – Wide range of topics but Sean is a theoretical physicist, professor at Caltech, and proponent of Everettian (“many worlds”) Quantum Mechanics.


      Very Bad Wizards- A psychologist and a philosopher having mostly casual conversations.  Usually an opening segment on something current event related, followed by a dive into a movie, book, or academic paper…  Even the video game Soma recently.


      Curiosity Daily- Very short, usually with two or three science news bits.


      Radio Lab- I haven’t listened lately because I got annoyed with how overproduced it is and I don’t want to listen to five minutes of random sounds of the world in between every actual thought…  But I was addicted at one time and they have had some great episodes.


      Star Talk –  Science stuff made to be fun and accessible (great for kids or beginners).


      You’re Not So Smart- I haven’t seen this update in awhile and I’m not sure if they’re still putting out shows.  All about logical fallacies, biases, etc.


      …  I’ll stop there.  That’s off the top of my head.  I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks.

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      Alyssa Silva

      If you’re into true crime, I recommend Crime Junkie. They release an episode every Monday. That’s all I have for you. I’m not a big podcast listener!

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