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      Hey all! I’m in desperate need of an efficient way to operate my phone as the “traditional” way is no longer an option. So, I was thinking of trying Switch Access (or Switch Control for iOS users). I’m sure it’ll take a while till I get the hang of it (I’m not exactly the definition of “tech savvy”), but for starters I’m mostly concerned about security. Like, will I be able to enter a pin using the switch or should I just turn off all security measures? Is there any chance I get locked out of my phone and need a factory reset? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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      I use a stylus pen. And at times when my hands are not able to get to it or I’m tired, I will use the pen with my mouth

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        Hey Tammy! I tried the stylus pen, it’s not responding. It worked when my caregiver tried, but it didn’t work with me which means I’m not applying enough pressure. The thing is I can use my laptop’s trackpad (it’s how I’m writing this post right now), I just can’t use the phone. I guess it has to do with the larger surface and the fact that it requires more precision and a steady hand which isn’t the case anymore. Thank you for suggesting it anyway!

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      DeAnn R

      I’m really not much help, but Dan & Viola did a pretty interesting video on this. I don’t think they covered unlocking the phone. It’s gotta be possible though.

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        That’s very helpful DeAnn! And I thought I’d seen everything on YouTube! Btw, the last time I got to test assistive equipment was also at my university’s AT library. Ever since, I just order stuff hoping they’ll work for me as no store seems to have anything in stock!

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      Blake Watson

      Voice Control is pretty powerful. It gives you the ability to perform most functions (including inputting your pin) with your voice. Also if you happen to use macOS you can call and text from your computer, if that helps.

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        Yeah, I’ve heard great things about Apple’s accessibility features. The problem is that the Greek language, which is my native language, doesn’t support certain features such as Predictive Text. Word prediction and suggestion save me considerable time and energy, so I guess iPhone is a no go for me. Regarding voice recognition, I think the Android equivalent is Google assistant, but I need to train it to understand my English as my speech is a little impaired. Add to this my Greek accent and you’ll get the picture!

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      Yvette Haas

      Hey Anna! I use my phone exclusively with switch control and would be happy to answer any questions you have. I have some experience with switches on iOS, but my phone is an Android, so that’s the one I know best.

      I will try to check back on this thread, as I can’t figure out how to get notifications from follow-up replies to actually work… But you are welcome to private message me too (those notifications work).

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        Many thanks Yvette! As I explained above, I’m probably going for Android too, so I’ll definitely need your help! I’m sure you’ll regret this, but I promise not to pester you too much!

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