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    Adapting to Life Outside Our Home With SMA

    I once heard a joke that a woman’s mind is like an Internet browser that has 1000 tabs open and running at once. I laughed at the time, but came to realize that if I didn’t actually feel like this before hearing the short acronym “SMA,” I most certainly do now.

    I spend much of my time pre-planning and thinking of possible problems that we may run into because of the kids’ diagnoses. I think many other SMA parents do this as well. Prior to our lives with SMA, we didn’t realize just how inaccessible the world is to those who are differently-abled.

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        Alyssa Silva

        Recently the Target near my house introduced their drive-up feature, and I had to see for myself what it was all about. The outcome? I LOVE it.

        Basically you do all your shopping through their app, and everything that’s available in the store is available through the app. As you choose each item, a pop up will appear prompting you to choose between buy online, pick up in-store, or drive up.

        Once you complete your order, you will then be asked for the type and color of your car. When you arrive to the designated parking space, you tap a button in the app alerting Target you’ve arrived, and someone will soon be out with your purchase.

        Having this feature means I can still run all my errands during the winter and not have to expose myself to germs. Orders are typically ready within a couple of hours!

        It means I can have an excuse to leave the house with my PCA during this time of year and, again, not have to worry about colds and the flu.

        It means not stressing over whether or not I’ll have the stamina to complete my entire shopping list in the store.

        It means so many more accommodations for people with disabilities, and I am here for it!

        Have you tried drive-up yet? If not I highly recommend it.

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        Halsey Blocher

        I haven’t tried Target’s drive up, but we use the Kroger one frequently! It’s so much easier!

        I have used Target’s drive up option, I have used the store pick up, and loved it. One of the things I loved about it was that you can choose an alternate pick up person. I just give my mom’s contact info in addition to mine so that she can pick it up on the way home from work if I don’t get opportunity to get it myself. Also, one time one of the item went out off stock at the local location right after I ordered it, so they shipped to my house for free from a different location. I was very impressed, so I’ll have to try the drive up sometime.

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        Kelly Miller

        Ohhhhh, this makes me sooooo happy! I use Publix drive-up (our grocery store) all the time because my husband hates going to the grocery for full-fledged shopping. I’ve also used the Walmart drive-up, and we won’t even talk about how many times I’ve ordered from Door Dash! It is getting to where nobody has to leave their house if they don’t want to. While I love getting out & live in a warm climate so I can get out during the winter, I do recognize that there are people with severe anxiety issues and agoraphobia that have a terrible time leaving the house. This is one more step towards helping them!

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        Alyssa Silva

        Wow, Halsey, that’s great that Target did that! Good customer service right there. I also use the pick-up option as well. Any time I know someone is going to be in the area, I always jump on the opportunity haha.

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        Alyssa Silva

        Yes, Kelly, Doordash is another good one! And dangerous haha. It honestly takes a lot of willpower from me to not go on there and just order a coffee delivery for $20. I’ve caved a few times. 🙂

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        Halsey Blocher

        I’ve never thought to have coffee delivered. Shoot… Now I’m going to be broke from ordering coffee.

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        Alyssa Silva

        Probably not what you want to hear but I support this!! 🙂

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        Halsey Blocher

        Haha! I appreciate your support!

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