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      Alyssa Silva

      Has anyone heard any updates since the Trilogy recall was announced several months ago? I was contacted by my rep shortly after saying not to do anything at the time and it was being taken care of. However, nothing has come from that since. Wondering if others have been more proactive about it than I have and whether or not I should act on it.

      For those who are unaware, here is the statement that was released back in June.

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      Blake Watson

      My rep told me I didn’t need to send mine in. 😬

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        Alyssa Silva

        Based on what Kelly said below, hopefully you’re in the clear!

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      Kelly Miller

      My RT just told me last week that it’s a small subset of users who need to be concerned about it. He said it’s those who use the machine So-Clean or something similar. I think that machine uses something special to clean tubing from BiPAP and C-PAP machines. In older Trilogies, there’s no filter between the machine and tube to the mask. The tube would be plugged directly into the Trilogy. Whatever the So-Clean does to the tubing when it cleans causes fumes to be emitted straight into the Trilogy b/c there’s no filter between. So only if you haven’t stuck to old fashioned soap and water or vinegar and water, AND you don’t have a filter between the Trilogy and tube that leads to your mask, THEN you need to contact your rep or RT about getting it replaced. You’d think they would’ve put that info out when they announced the recall so we wouldn’t have worried our machines would quit working or blow up or something!

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        Alyssa Silva

        Very comforting to hear this, but no kidding!! It would have been nice to have received an update from my rep. Although I’m not surprised I didn’t!

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