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      I’ve been working on getting a new chair for months, only to realize the seat was way too high. I couldn’t get under my desk or our dining room table! I tried to shave some height off the seat itself, but that didn’t work. I also found out that Permobil can’t alter the chair base. My desk is bad enough, but this means I won’t be able to get under tables at restaurants or libraries or anything.

      I’m pretty frustrated and I’m dreading the adjustment period. Does anyone have any tips? The tires are solid, so unfortunately I can’t let any of the air out.

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      Dennis Turner

      As I write, I am sitting in my Permobile chair a foot and a half away from the table because as you said, you can’t change the height enough to get under the table at most restaurants. With the current table in the outdoor Cafe, my footrests are actually touching the table base as well.

      I am actually going to get measured for a new chair in a couple weeks, and plan on asking for an detachable table I could put my laptop or food or crafts on. Wish me luck


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      Blake Watson

      I have this problem every time I get a new chair and it seems to get worse every time.

      For my main desk at home, I have an adjustable desk (it’s not easy to adjust but it can be done).

      There isn’t much that can be done about tables in restaurants and such, but one thing I do is get short armrests. A lot of times it’s the armrests that are in the way. I don’t really need them under my whole arm so I get short ones and have them mounted where they support my elbows and that’s it.

      My control is handheld so not in the way.

      I mount the Omni display behind me as I don’t really need to see it.

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      DeAnn R

      It’s so frustrating when the slightest changes make everyday things next to impossible. My suggestions are to add risers to what you can. If it’s just a minimal amount you can use something like coasters. Maybe a block of some sort if it’s more. My other suggestion as mentioned above would be to get a removable lap tray. That would be beneficial for when you’re out and about. As with everything those options have their benefits and drawbacks.

      Sometimes you can reimagine your approach too. When I got this chair I had the gap widened on the footplates so I could pull up to a table from the corner. Side approach may be an option as well. Good luck! Keep us posted on what solutions you find.

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      Robert Stump

      My Invacare chair is way too tall for most restaurant tables, and since I rely on others to feed me it always seems like they have to reach so far up to get to my mouth it’s ridiculous.  So, I actually like sitting at the bar height tables and raise my chair up with the elevator so my head is at the same height as everyone else’s 🙂

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      DeAnn R

      Hey, just wanted to share something I’m trying out.  I like that it’s a little taller and on wheels.  Unfortunately it’s on clearance so I’m not sure what selection is available


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        Dennis Turner

        DeAnn, that looks great.  I have now ordered my new chair. Just made a couple changes hoping to solve issues I didn’t know about last time.

        I have been told it should only take 2 to 3 months. Say it is so!

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          DeAnn R

          Good luck Dennis!  Keep us posted.  What did you go with?

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      Dennis Turner

      Permobil F3, nothing too fancy, although it now comes with a lighting package.

      Still can’t believe Medicare will not pay for a elevator. If I don’t have that, I need many hours from a PCA. Fortunately I can pay for it myself.

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      I have a new F3 sitting in my closet because it’s too high. I feel very unsafe in it, quite sure I will fall out. Tried harness but they were too confining. I am at a loss it’s been 2 years. A little annoyed at Permobil  for making this change. Argh! Just venting sorry

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      Dennis Turner

      I’m so sorry Gary. I often feel that the base height is very high on these chairs and they feel like they will tip.   But what I can tell you is that it is very hard to actually tip one. I have gone off road over rocks (could have done bad things to the chair, but it was fun).

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