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      DeAnn R

      Living in the Midwest we contend with tornadoes and blizzards. Neither of which are too concerning to me. Although when you have a disability I think there’s an added layer of preparedness we need to have. It got me thinking about other parts of the country. So, here’s my question, would you rather contend with a hurricane or an earthquake? I’m thinking a hurricane would be easier to prepare for. It would probably even allow me to get out of dodge if I had to. What’s your choice?

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      Dennis Turner

      My mother often said that living in New England she was safest. Not many earthquakes, few tornados, heat waves are reasonably short, and she could always put on the extra clothes she already had if the power failed.

      I think I would agree.

      As far as hurricane vs earthquake neither. But as you suggest you can flee a hurricane whereas the quake strikes anytime and without real warning.

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      Alyssa Silva

      Yeah, I live in New England like Dennis and have experienced minimal damage from storms. *knock on wood* Some minor earthquakes and tornadoes, moderate hurricanes and blizzards, but nothing so devastating that we have had to leave. Although one hurricane took out power for a week, so I had to live with my grandparents because of my BiPAP. Since then, we’ve installed a generator ha.

      I think I’d choose a hurricane for the preparedness as well. I don’t like surprises.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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