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      DeAnn R

      Let’s have a little fun with this one. Imagine a meteor landed in your backyard giving you a superpower. Would you rather be able to leap buildings in a single bound (in essence restoring your ability to walk) or be able to move objects with your mind? For me I’d choose moving objects with my mind. Walking is overrated anyway, not that I would know of course.

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      Tracy Odell

      Leap tall buildings! It would increase my advocacy leverage.

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      Yvette Haas

      I have definitely always wanted to be Matilda.

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      I like messing with people so I’d absolutely go for moving things with my mind.

      Also who needs physical abilities when you can shift things with thought? I’ll levitate my chair up stairs or mentally command that rib to hover in front of my mouth while I gobble away at it hands-free.

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      Alyssa Silva

      Hahahaha what Adam said!! Oh man, I would have WAY too much fun messing with people if I had that power. Definitely beats walking.

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        haha it’d be great! Ask someone to pass something then move it just as they go to grab it. They’re like “you see that?” you’re like “see what? you’re crazy!”

        I’d be at the casino playing dice games for sure.

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      Lol my first thought and choice was to leap from the top of buildings, but after hearing all of the other answers (especially Adam’s) I’d have to go with controlling things with my mind.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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