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      Alyssa Silva

      Whenever my friends are stuck in a traffic jam, we love to play “would you rather.” It’s a great way to pass the time, and we always have a lot of fun coming up with crazy ideas. That being said, I thought it’d be fun to play this game with all of you and call it ”Would You Rather: SMA Edition.” Ok what do you say, you guys want to play?

      The first question: would you rather be perpetually cold or overheated?

      This is a toughhh one for me. But I think… I THINK I would rather be perpetually cold. I feel like I’m going against the grain with my choice here, but my nervous system gets all wonky when I’m overheating, so that’s a big no for me. What about you?

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      Tracy Odell

      Overheated. Am I supposed to make up a question now ? I never played this game!

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        Alyssa Silva

        Interesting!! I feel like I’m going to be the outlier saying I’d rather be cold ha. My obsession with blankets may have had an influence on my decision-making.

        DeAnn and I will continue to post new Would You Rather forums, but you are more than welcome to create your own!

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      DeAnn R

      I’m with Tracy, overheated. When I’m cold I can’t function. It takes a lot to get me overheated.

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      Kelly Miller

      Another vote for overheated! Just last night I stayed out in the cold with some friends, and I could barely drive my chair back to the van. I would do anything to not be cold!


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        Yvette Haas

        Hey!!! It was so worth it though. Tehehe!


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