Specialized equipment for SMA patients: adaptive strollers and wheelchairs

Mobility can be a challenge for people with SMA. Specialized equipment, such as adaptive strollers and wheelchairs, can help to optimize their care and maximize their independence.

A practitioner experienced in working with people with SMA may help to choose which specialized equipment is best suited to an individual’s need, and with incorporating them into daily life.

Adaptive strollers

Also called medical strollers, adaptive strollers allow a child to be supported and positioned comfortably. They are usually lighter and more portable than wheelchairs, and can easily be loaded in and out of a vehicle. Accessories can also help with comfortable positioning and posturing, or with carrying medical or other equipment. Adaptive strollers are usually used until a child is big enough for a wheelchair.

Convaid offers a wide range of convenient, customized and compact folding strollers or wheelchairs.

The Maclaren major special needs stroller will carry a large child up to 45 kg, and fold to the size of a big umbrella-like stroller. It is recommended by its manufacturer for younger children with mild disabilities.

Special Tomato EIO push chairs, also by Maclaren, are designed for young children up to pre-adolescence, and are easy to adapt to a child’s needs and to transport.

Thomashilfen offers a number of easy-to-use and adjustable strollers.


Wheelchairs are mobile chairs, either manual or powered, for people with SMA.  They come in many types, made by numerous brands. Manual chairs can be manipulated by their user or pushed by a caregiver. Power chairs are electronically controlled with a joystick that is usually placed on the side of the dominant hand, and are an alternative for people who are not able to manipulate a chair with their arms, allowing for greater independence. Children as young as 18 months old may learn how to use power chairs.

Convaid has lightweight and foldable wheelchairs with various accessories for customization according to a patient’s needs.

Troy Technologies‘ wheelchairs are foldable, much like an umbrella-style folding stroller, for easy storage and transport. Many are designed for young adults with special needs.

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