Specialized equipment for SMA patients: pulse oximeter

People with SMA require a range of specialized equipment in their daily lives. This equipments ranges could be to assist with difficulties in breathing, coughing, swallowing, or to help improve mobility.

Breathing problems are the leading cause of illness in children with SMA and the most common cause of death among those with SMA type 1 and 2.  It is essential that breathing problems are managed in these patients.

One type of specialized equipment often used in the home is the pulse oximeter.

Pulse oximeter

pulse oximeter is a portable device used to check blood-oxygen levels, by measuring the amount of oxygen in the blood (pulse oximetry). It consists of a light small clamp or a Band Aid-like device that is wrapped on a finger or toe. The equipment alerts to problems (e.g., low oxygen levels) or if help is needed with coughing. A wide selection exists, and the choice of pulse oximeter can be made according to a child’s needs and a family’s financial capacity. Cure SMA also provides a helpful list of links to funding sources and equipment for sale.

Pulse Oximeters, provided through companies such as SMA Medical Supply, Flaghouse, or Philips Respironics, include:

  • Masimo Radical-5 handheld pulse oximeter is a lightweight handheld device with a battery life of up to 48 hours. It can be used either for spot checks or continuous monitoring. It has sensitivity options, audio and visual alarms for high/low saturation, pulse rate, sensor off and low battery warnings. It requires a physician’s prescription.
  • Masimo Radical-8 is compact and lightweight with an extended battery life for easy transportation, and over eight hours of battery life when fully charged. The large LED displays allows easy reading. It requires a physician’s prescription.
  • EKHO P-900 Finger Pulse Oximeter is a small, portable and electrocardiogram (EKG)-accurate device. It displays the pulse rate, real-time pulse bar, and has a auto on/off oxygen saturation.
  • GO2 Pulse Oximeter is a portable device that offers accurate and reliable oxygen saturation and heart rate monitoring information. It requires just one AAA battery.
  • 920M Handled Oximeter is a small, easy-to-use handheld unit for the home. It has 18 hours of memory capability.
  • 920M Plus Handheld Oximeter can record up to 72 hours of data, allows for longer oximetry studies. It has a small, light and portable design, and easy-to-read display. It offers an optional rechargeable battery system.
  • WristOx2 Wrist-worn Pulse Oximeter  is accurate and highly portable, being worn on the wrist and using standard batteries. It is ideal for overnight oximetry studies, remote wireless monitoring, and ambulatory monitoring.

Masimo LNCS Probes are used with devices to offer accurate detection of true alarms while minimizing false alarms. The sensors can connect to devices with conventional technology, allowing ease of use with a variety of monitors.

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