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      DeAnn R

      Hey everyone! 

      So, I’m keeping it real is the theme of this video. I don’t think people realize how stressful the current situation is for those of us considered “high-risk.” After deciding to start the process for a new wheelchair, the situation became real.

      I’ve been doing well in my extended hibernation, but now I have to do an in-person evaluation with the DME company and occupational therapist. Can you believe the people at the OT office don’t wear masks? Hearing this has me scratching my head-figuratively, because I can’t reach my head. I’m also second guessing if I should risk it for a wheelchair. Ugh, I’m so apprehensive, but I can’t live under a rock. 

      What kind of risks do you all take?  Am I being overly paranoid? 

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      Dennis Turner

      Ask them to PLEASE wear a mask and gloves. This is a simple request and should be honored.

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      Alyssa Silva

      You are NOT being overly paranoid. As Dennis said, I would simply ask. This isn’t a matter of preference. It’s a matter of life and death— a little harsh, but you know what I mean. I personally would not go if they refuse to wear a mask, but I understand the need for a new chair. It’s a tough decision, for sure.

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      Jim Schneider

      Demand they wear masks or find a new supplier even if it means a delay!

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      DeAnn R

      The consensus is to make them wear masks.  Any advice on being assertive?

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      DeAnn R

      Update: After sending an email requesting they wear masks for my appointment and they agreed! Thanks for all the support. It was just a shock when I was told they didn’t wear masks.

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