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      Have any of y’all dealt with a too-thick seat? We finally got the seating on my new chair squared away, only to realize the seat was so thick that it made me too tall. I can’t get under my desk or a table of regular height. We’re going to try and trim it down, but I’m worried it’ll still be too tall.

      Any suggestions?

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      Tracy Odell

      I submitted a post, and I’m told it is “awaiting moderation”. Please let me know if you get my response to your question, Breanna.

      Do you know why it would be sent for moderation? Sometimes I include links, which seems to be a problem, but there were no leaks included my longish answer to your question.

      Please let me know if/when you receive it.


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        DeAnn R

        Checking into this Tracy. Posts with links might still get flagged, but hopefully you’ll have less trouble soon.

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      Tracy Odell

      Every inch can make a difference in being able to reach your stuff and have the leverage to drive your wheelchair.

      If it’s a small difference, you could try letting a bit of air out of your tires to see if you can sit lower without compromising the wheels or the smoothness of your ride.


      Raise your desk and tables with blocks of wood. Carry some blocks with you when you go out, e.g., to  a restaurant.


      You might be able to create a “drop seat” in your wheelchair. I had one once. They made a flat wooden board the same dimensions as the seat of my chair and four hangers were placed on it – two on each side – so that the board could hang down an inch or so lowered to the floor. It hung down from the side rails of the wheelchair. That way, you can still benefit from the thickness of the cushion. It might be very important to keep the padding so that you don’t have pressure points.


      I recently got a height-adjustable desk (sit-stand desk) which is great because sometimes I’m in a position where I need my desk higher or lower, so this is helpful.


      My first van was not adapted for a passenger in a wheelchair, but I was short enough so that I could pass through the doorway using portable ramps on the vehicle. There was still enough headroom inside, so I did not bang my head every time we hit a bump. When I changed wheelchairs, though, suddenly I was too tall to get through the door, and I could not sit up straight once I was inside. It was too big of a difference to drop the seat, so my next van had to be a converted one – at basically double the price!

      I hope your seating problem will be easily solved. It can get very expensive adjusting everything else in your house to match your wheelchair height!

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      DeAnn R

      Tracy had some great suggestions. On a previous chair I had the opposite problem. We had to build my level up with appleboards(I think that’s what they called them) under the seat. You don’t realize how much of your world is set at your specific level. Be careful adjusting your seating, you’ll probably have to readjust everything like arm rests, footplates and the headrest too. Depending on how much of an adjustment you need it might be easier to add coasters under your desk and tables to raise them up. Good luck!

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      Dennis Turner

      My chair has an elevator, which means it is always too tall for regular tables or desks, and yes I hit my head often in the car. Usually I just get as close as possible and lean forward.

      Maybe see if you can get a thinner seat cushion?

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      Thanks for the recs, all! I’m going to try and get a thinner seat cushion since it’s not just my desk that’s affected. I’ll keep y’all updated!

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