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      DeAnn R

      Knowing my limitations is something I pride myself on.  Lately though I’m struggling with it.  My mind says go for it while my body says think again. I’m notorious for purchasing things thinking, or maybe hoping, I can use them.  One example is a flatiron for my hair.  I know full well I can’t use one, but the one I found was a mini.  Maybe that would make the difference.  However it’s still sitting on my bathroom vanity unused.  I have a whole laundry list of things like this I’ve purchased that haven’t worked out.  Many I return, but some I keep just in case I can figure out a way to use them.  Or maybe, just maybe, one of these treatments will really work.

      My last cell phone was one of those mistake purchases.  I figured wirelessly charging wasn’t a necessity.  Not to mention a bigger screen would be nice.  Wrong.  A bigger screen meant heavy & awkward while having to plug it in was a struggle.  Fortunately my Mom needs an upgrade, so I’m able to give her mine and pick something more usable.  This time I’m trying to be realistic.  I’m actually switching from Android to Apple because I hear their accessibility features are pretty good.  Not only that I found one that charges wirelessly and is small.  Fingers crossed I made the right choice because I’m stuck with it for the next two years.

      Balancing mind and body can be tricky, do you have any tips? What factors into your decision on trying new products?

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      Tracy Odell

      Sounds familiar! Many people have benefitted from my optimistic purchases: back scratchers, adapted nail clippers, hair bands, turning sheets, shoes, sandals, sunhats… the list goes on.

      I do like my iPhone though!


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      Julio Perez

      Hi DeAnn,

      I  would like to check prices for an Apple phone for my son, too, do you know any models  you would recommend.




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        DeAnn R

        Julio, I splurged and went with the 12 Mini. So far I’m finding it manageable. At this point I wouldn’t say the accessibility features are any better than the Android but I’m still learning. Finally figured out how to take a photo with voice. So glad to have my wireless charging back.

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        DeAnn R

        “Optimistic purchases,” love that term Tracy. Your list sounds a lot like mine.

        Any secret tips for the iPhone? I’ve figured out a few things but know there’s a lot to learn.

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      Mike Huddleston

      Hey Julio – just hopping in with my $0.02.  Last summer I upgraded (finally!!) from an iPhone 6 to the 2020 version of the SE model. Same exact size as the 6, but the latest chip set and much more memory.  It’s reasonably priced, can be charged wirelessly, but is not 5 G compatible.  If 5G is required and still looking at size, consider the iPhone 12 mini.  Honestly, had that been available when I upgraded last summer, I would have likely gone with the 12 Mini over the SE.

      One other note, and not sure if it matters, the SE only allows bluetooth connectivity for headphones, earbuds, mini speakers, etc.; there is no 3.5mm plug available.  Not sure about the 12 Mini since I didn’t buy that.  That said, I’ve found the bluetooth on the SE to be very good.

      Hope it helps.


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