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      Kevin Schaefer

      Read Alyssa Silva’s latest column about relying on other people for the most basic physical tasks:

      I think this is one we can all relate to, and I like how Alyssa approaches this subject through a humorous lens. The coffee scenario resonated with me quite a bit.

      What are your takeaways from this column?

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      Ryan Berhar

      Often times, the more menial things do end up being more frustrating. I think it’s because we’ve long since accepted the more severe downsides of SMA. But when it comes to a scenario like the coffee story here, it’s like “man, I can’t even deal with this properly?”

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        Kevin Schaefer

        Yep, I can totally relate. For me, the biggest frustrations come when I’m too tired to move my hand a couple inches, or when I don’t have enough energy to reach my phone. It’s tough, but I think it’s helpful to vent sometimes.

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      Adnan Hafizovic

      I often say:It s not easy when we depend on someone.

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      Kelly Miller

      I see it as the fact that when we have some of those great obstacles in our way, such as an infection or a concert to go to or the need for a shower, we shift into “handle mode.” When we’re stuck with the feeling of frustration over being dependent on others, there is no solution to this problem. It’s simply a matter of coming to terms with our frustration and sadness. I think we’re so used to being masters of finding new & different ways of doing things that we sometimes hit a brick wall when it comes to being at someone else’s mercy. I have found, for myself, I do much better when I keep a running inventory of my emotions and work through them as they come, instead of letting them fester inside, becoming much more mountains than molehills.

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