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      Alyssa Silva

        I hope you all are loving these would you rather games as much as we are! It’s nice getting to engage with each other in a fun way. Time for another go. This one’s a little more serious as I’ve had both happen to me, and I don’t know what’s worse!

        Would you rather have a stranger completely ignore you or acknowledge you and talk to you in a baby voice?

        Both are equally cringy. I think I just rather be ignored, but that might be my introversion talking.

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        Kip Troendle

          Ignore me, please!  Although, it’s “refreshing” having a stranger say ‘Hey’ in that way (I’m guessing you all know what I mean) as if you’re not the disabled person, but just any-other person they’d ‘Hey’.

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          Tracy Odell

            Ignored, definitely!

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              Yes ignored!  But if they want to talk to me like I’m an adult, then yes please!

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              Mike Huddleston

                100%, ignored.  But if I may explain why, because I don’t know if they are equally cringeworthy.  Ignoring me doesn’t necessarily mean anything related to my disability.  It could be, but I don’t care enough to worry about that.  That is on them.  I’m not fulfilled by being acknowledged by a stranger.  They could be an introvert, listening to their headphones, or just in a hurry.  The person who acknowledges you in a baby voice is making so many negative assumptions about you as a person.  It’s the same mindset, at least to me, that results in people talking with someone who may be with me – about me:  “How is Mike doing?”  Ugh….I think most of us just want to be treated like an adult human being.  No more, no less.

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                  I got a pretty sharp tongue & quick with a joke so I’d back myself to make the baby talker look like the dickhead they were.

                  Probably nothing angers me more than being ignored. Or seeing people ignored.

                  I hate conflict but I’d rather the opportunity to engage & argue/fight than be ignored altogether.

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                    Mike Huddleston

                      Definitely view it as an opportunity to educate, either with humor or more direct feedback, if/when the baby voice comes out, or if they talk to the person with me about me like I’m not there.

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                    DeAnn R

                      Although I’d kind of rather be ignored I’m going with Adam on this one.  It’s a good opportunity to school the baby talker.  I find most often people mean well, they just need to be put in their place once in a while.

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                        People asking my mum what I thought or how I felt when I was sitting right there drove her up the wall.

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